Botanical Recording

Members are asked to send records annually to Pam Millman. Records are required not only for scarce and rare plants but also for common plants.Recording is based on kilometre squares identified by a four figure grid reference for example ST5072. These are easily picked out on any Ordinance Survey map. Later these records can be entered onto the national BSBI data base using the programme called Mapmate. This means that not only do you contribute your records for the BNS but also add to those input by people all over the country.

When we systematically survey one of these kilometre squares we usually fill in a record card printed with all wild plants expected in the region. This just involves marking with a line the names of everything you see. This may seem too much for some and as an alternative we have a simple sheet on which you can note your species seen.
As members of the BNS we have a responsibility to maintain a record of the wildlife of the region and we should like to ask you to consider working on a selected Kilometre square. The amount of time you are prepared to give is entirely up to you; even compiling a short list when you are out walking would be useful. You just need to know in which Km square you are in! We will certainly offer help over any plants you cannot identify.

Download your recording form here

Records could be e-mailed to