Clarence Bicknell and the Bristol Botanists

Graham Avery, University of Oxford, Wed 22 November, 7.30 pm at Westbury-on-Trym Methodist Church BS9 3AA.

Among the botanists whom Clarence Bicknell welcomed at his summer home in the Maritime Alps in Italy were three members of Bristol Naturalists’ Society: Harold Stuart Thompson in 1907, and James Walter White & Cedric Bucknall in 1911.  Clarence Bicknell was not only a botanist but a pioneer in the exploration of the prehistoric rock engravings of the Alps.  He was also an artist, Esperantist, philanthropist, and founder of the Museo Bicknell in Bordighera.

Graham Avery, Vice-President of the Clarence Bicknell Association ( ), will explain the links between this remarkable man and the Bristol botanists, and show the short film The Marvels of Clarence Bicknell.

Clarence Bicknell - BNS Thompson archive - CdV Portrait

This photograph of Clarence Bicknell is from a Carte de visite in the BNS Archives, which H Stuart Thompson had kept inside his 1914 book, Flowering Plants of the Riviera, until it “bulged too much” with similar related ephemera.  The illustrations to Thompson’s book, which will be available to view at the talk, were 112 water-colours of plants painted by Bicknell.  In addition, 60 stunning life-size facsimiles of Bicknell’s other plant portraits, published recently by the Clarence Bicknell Association, will be available to view.

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