Flowers of the Field

Speaker: Steve Nicholls at Westbury-on-Trym Methodist Church, Bristol BS9 3AA

From the machair grasslands of the Outer Hebrides to the chalk cliffs of Kent and from the pinewoods of Abernethy Forest to the wetlands of the Fens of eastern England, Britain offers a richly varied array of habitats for our wild flowers. In this talk, our own Steve Nicholls will present a visually stunning survey of Britain’s best-loved wildflowers, illustrated with photographs of our flora in their habitat and based on his superb new book. Focusing on three broad habitats –grassland, open land and woodland –he will show us a biologically rigorous, engaging account of our wild flowers and the places that nourish them but more than this, he will explore the social and cultural history behind the plants and places he explores.

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