Leigh Woods, its charismatic mosses and liverworts

With David Hawkins

This will be a gentle bryological amble, suitable for beginners, showcasing the exquisite beauty of the so-called ‘lower plants’ right on our doorstep.  Leigh Woods is home to a wide range of mosses and liverworts, with classic woodland species, diverse epiphytes and dead wood specialists, as well as some rarities.  Witness how particular assemblages of bryophytes find their niche and colonise microhabitats; learn to spot a pocket-moss and pick out a green cloud of feather-wort at five paces.  If we are lucky, in Nightingale Valley there may even be a chance to catch a glimpse of the iconic Mackay’s Pouncewort, or ‘black graffiti’ liverwort, which grows on limestone outcrops.  x20 hand lens advised.

Meet by the (busy) gate at the western end of North Road (ST555730; BS8 3PL). Limited roadside parking here or use Church Road or walk through the woods from the Forestry Commission car park.

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