Ornithology: Migration Watch

Leader: Giles Morris

Meet at the old Severn Bridge Aust Service Station ST572896. The watch point is 500 yards north on the Severn Way where the slightly dilapidated telescope stands in wilted glory (Grid Ref: ST56688980). One never knows what will be seen here – masses of migrating flocks, single irregularities, passage migrants or, very occasionally, very little of anything at all. One thing is for sure; migration is one of nature’s wonders – a regular occurrence that – keeps recorders guessing so the more members watching, the better. The Section watch point is one of many participating at the same time across a wide area. Clearly the event is extremely weather dependent; so if the weather is likely to be bad or uncertain, check with the leader before 9:00 p.m. on the previous evening (07712 398903).

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