Society: Bat Walk

BAT WALK :  Friday, 12th October.  7:00 p.m.   At a private University site.

This is part of the Joint BNS/University Biodiversity Programme which seeks to showcase the range of species that can be found within the extensive and varied University estates, most of which are not open to the public, and seeks to improve and extend identification skills.   Events are led by Bristol Naturalists’ Society specialists’ and are aimed at University staff, students, alumni and interested members of the public with some free places reserved for BNS members.  Each meeting has a theme but all items of interest to the naturalist will be identified and discussed.  Booking is essential.  Please contact the BNS Secretary via,

This event offers a great opportunity to mingle with a number of different species of this marvellous mammal and to learn much more about them.   There is something truly magical and otherworldly about these fascinating little animals so it is quite a privilege to be able to spend time watching their precision flight patterns and, with the help of technology, listening to their ‘language’ of echolocation.  Dress appropriately for the weather including sensible footwear and please bring a torch; other equipment will be supplied.

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