Society: The Lost World of the Jurassic Sea Lilies

THE LOST WORLD of JURASSIC SEA LILIES.   Speaker: Dr. Aaron Hunter,  Post Doctoral Researcher, Universities of Cambridge and Western Australia

Wednesday 17th October. 7.30pm, Westbury-on-Trym, Methodist Church, Bristol BS9 3AA

Stalked crinoids or sea lilies are marine animals, which were once very common in the seas of the ancient world, being commonplace in the shallow seas of the Jurassic. Today however, they are living fossils found only deep in the oceans (>200m) where their body plan is remarkably unchanged. The community structure and ecology of these animals is still not fully understood especially as they typically fragment before being preserved. Aaron will be presenting research on how new discoveries have increased our knowledge of the shallow water Jurassic world these crinoids inhabited. This includes looking at the floating wood raft communities of South West England and Germany, the shallow water interior Seaway of the Jurassic Cotswolds and how micro crinoids from a muddy sea floor of Poland are changing the way we understand evolution. Finally, we will look at the Marine Mesozoic Revolution and how these animals migrated to deep water, with new research from Antarctica and Australia changing our view of this migration.

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