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Middle Hope



Mark Howson




8th June 2024
11:00 am -


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Near Sand Point & Sand Bay, Weston-Super-Mare

Leader: Prof. Maurice Tucker of Bath Geological Society (BGS). A Bath Geol. Soc. meeting – £3 for non-members, BNS invited free.

The Outcrops along the north coast of Middle Hope – Sand Point, north of Weston-Super-Mare, show interbedded volcanic deposits and Lower Carboniferous limestones of the Black Rock Group. This is a rare occurrence in SW England but there were localised volcanoes at the time, more so in Derbyshire and the Midland Valley of Scotland. Good exposures reveal a variety of volcanic deposits, ash fall, ash flow, reworked tuffs and pillow lavas. The Carboniferous limestones contain corals, brachiopods and some beautiful burrows. There are Pleistocene raised beach deposits here too. We will be walking on an exposed grass-covered headland with rocky – sandy beach exposures. Wear stout boots and water/wind proof clothing, and bring packed lunch and refreshments.

Meet at the NT Car Park at 11 am, Post Code BS22 9UD, Grid Ref. ST 330659.
To attend, please contact Mark Howson using the form below

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