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Pollinator Ecology & Conservation



Professor Jane Memmott




15th November 2023
7:30 pm -


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Professor Jane Memmott from the School of Biological Sciences at Bristol University will be giving a talk on “Pollinator Ecology & Conservation: tales from Bristol, the Channel Islands and Nepal”.

As well as being an important and charismatic component of biodiversity, animal pollinators are responsible for pollinating 75% of crop species and nearly 90% of wild flowers.  This talk will start local with tales of urban pollinators in Bristol, then move to the Channel Islands where we have been monitoring the impact of a pesticide ban on pollinators for the last three summers and then consider the impact of climate change on pollinators, crop production and people’s diets in Nepal.  I’ll end with some top tips for encouraging pollinators into your life. 

Venue: The Create Centre Theatre, B Bond Warehouse, Smeaton Rd, Bristol BS1 6XN

Parking is available on site. For details and for information on public transport click here. Also: Map

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