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WWT Steart Marshes, it’s formation & development





22nd November 2023
7:30 pm -


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NOTE: This meeting is on the 4th Wednesday of the month, not our usual 2nd Wednesday slot.

Speaker: Alys Laver, Reserve Site Manager

It is some 10 years since the seawall at Steart was breached following years of significant landscaping to create the Steart Marshes Reserve – all part of a major coastal realignment project. Alys Laver will tell us about the reserve’s creation, but also about what changes have happened to the site over those 10 years as the reserve has matured into one of the major wetland bird sites in the southwest.

Venue: The Create Centre Theatre, B Bond Warehouse, Smeaton Rd, Bristol BS1 6XN

Parking is available on site. For details and for information on public transport click here. Also: Map

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