Member’s Guide to Using the Society’s Library


The Library of the Bristol Naturalists’ Society is a valuable resource. Few natural history societies can match the facilities and content of the library of over 3,000 books occupying some 500ft of shelf space. The Library is open twice a week, except Bank Holiday weekends, to BNS members (bring along current BNS Bulletin to prove membership) when a Library Committee representative will be on duty to provide assistance.

Click here to browse a list of titles and authors held by the library and published since 1960


Where is the Library?
The BNS Library is housed in the Bristol City Museum, Queens Road.

Members visiting the library should first report to reception to sign in, as directed by the receptionist using the BNS Library signing-in/out sheet. This sheet acts as the fire roll-call and is used to ensure that all visitors have evacuated the building in case of a fire alarm.

Please remember to sign out when you leave and hand in Visitor’s Badge, if provided.

In case of any difficulty; the always helpful reception staff can be relied on for assistance.

How many books can I borrow?
Members of the Society may borrow up to six items for 60 days. Items may be renewed for an extra 30 days, at the discretion of the duty Librarian

Library Opening Times

Wednesdays 1-15 pm till 2.15 pm
Saturdays 10.15 am to 12-15 pm

Jim Webster Hon. Librarian

Library Telephone: 0117 922 3651 (during library opening hours only)


1 Members of the Society may borrow no more than six items for up to 60 days. Items may be renewed for a further 60 days, at the discretion of the duty Librarian.

2. Borrowers are fully responsible for the items borrowed and will be asked to pay for any loss or damage.