Our New Instagram Account is waiting to display your talents!
If you have a picture to share you can submit it to:
[email protected]

We can’t promise to post every one but we will post as many as we can and will credit the photographer (please let us know who they are!). Be aware that Instagram is a rather squarer format than many social media sites so you might want to compose or crop your picture accordingly. We can also crop it for you if it doesn’t work as submitted.
We can put a caption on your photo so you can tell us what it is and where it was taken if you like.We can also share pictures from other Instagram accounts, so if you know of any then do let us know via the above email address.
If you are already a member of Instagram do consider following our account.We look forward to sharing your pictures.
To view the posts go to @BristolNats on Instagram or click the link on this website footer. You don’t have to join to view the pictures but you need to join to view them in detail and see the captions.

Welcome to the BNS website! With grateful thanks to all the BNS members who helped with the production and Pixelfish, Bristol for their design and programming expertise. Thanks to Lesley Cox who started this process and to both Lesley and also Clive Lovatt who wrote our history. (Sadly both of them died before seeing the product of their work come to fruition). Photographs were kindly provided by David Hawkins, Richard Ashley, Lesley Cox, David Davies, Dee Holladay, Libby Houston, Clive Lovatt, Giles Morris, Heather Pring, Martyn Pratt and Maico Weites.