Nature in Avon

The Society’s journal provides a platform for all members to submit their findings as short reports or academic papers and also to report on and publicise projects and events occurring in the region. It is published annually, in full colour and is delivered to all members as part of their subscription. The journal also contains the Proceedings of the Society for the previous year.

The Nature in Avon archive is on the Biodiversity Heritage Library Website at

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updated 10/10/17
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(Index compiled by the late Richard Bland)

Current issue (2018)

BNS 78 FrontCover

Next Issue

Volume 79 (2019) will be published in June 2020.

Deadline for contributions to Volume 79 is 31 March 2020

Instructions for Authors (PDF)

Receiving Editor: Dee Holladay

Editorial Committee: Ray Barnett, Tim Corner, Clive Lovatt, Alex Morss, Mark Pajak, Nick Wray.

Three issues are available here as PDF files

Nature in Avon Vol 74.pdf

Nature in Avon Vol 75.pdf

Nature in Avon Vol 76.pdf