Bristol Naturalists’ Society and the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Emergency Update: 5th Sept 2020


Dear Member,

Following the Government’s relaxation of lockdown, we are now able to offer our members a small taste of normality.

As a consequence, the following will apply:

➤ The Society’s Library will be opening soon.  Booking is essential to preserve social distancing.  Contact the Librarian via for instructions.

➤ Some field meetings are being offered but on a limited basis to comply with Government guidelines, e.g., only six members can be present; see the Bulletin for details of each meeting.

➤ Improvements to the Society Website are being actively pursued and implemented so, in time, details of field meetings and talks will also be available on the Website.

➤ The venue for our Winter Lecture Programme is not fully open and therefore we are planning to deliver our Talks via a video link in order to keep members safe.  Members must also register their interest for any particular talk that they wish to attend and we will send you the necessary instructions.

If you are not able to attend field meetings, we wish all our members well in the coming months and hope you will be able to enjoy the natural world from wherever you are located despite any restrictions now in place.  Fortunately, geology and nature are always around us and taking an interest in them is both rewarding and therapeutic.

Please abide by all the government advice to stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again as soon as we are able to return to our usual extensive programme of walks and talks.

Lesley Cox (BNS Hon. Sec.)


The General Data Protection Regulation From May 2018, new regulations governing data protection and data processing will come in to force. The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR will govern the way in which all organisations, including the Bristol Naturalists’ Society, stores, protects and processes personal data. It also requires organisations to state the basis upon which personal data is held and or processed. This letter seeks to inform you of the changes and to give you important privacy information.


The basis upon which the BNS holds members’ data under the GDPR is that it is in the Legitimate Interest of both the Society and its members to do so. It enables the Society and its members to function in pursuit of the interest and hobby they share.

This sets out the basis upon which the BNS processes your personal data.

Personal Data The personal data held by the BNS is as follows:

  • Members’ names,
  • Members’ addresses,
  • The e-mail addresses of those members who have them and who choose to supply them,
  • The telephone numbers of those members who choose to supply them,
  • The bank details of some members, where relevant.

Data Controller Thus, the Bristol Naturalists’ Society (Registered Charity Number: 235494) is a Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act (1998) and the General Data Protection Regulation (2018).

It collects and holds members’ details, as listed, because the Society needs to be able to identify its members in order to ensure they receive the entitlements that membership confers upon them, such as use of the Society Library.

Data Processor The BNS is also a Data Processor. Members’ addresses are required in order to send out the publications produced by the Society on behalf of its members. These include the monthly news bulletin, Bristol Naturalist News, and the annual Proceedings of the Society, i.e., a) Nature in Avon and b) the Avon Bird Report, to which all members are entitled free of charge.

E-mail addresses or telephone numbers are held, when supplied, to enable the Society to remind members of forthcoming events or to notify them of changing circumstances, for example, the need to cancel an advertised event.


BRISTOL NATURALISTS’ SOCIETY Founded 1862 Registered Charity No. 235494

Your personal data is securely held by the Society on the BNS database and will only be used in the execution of Society business and the furtherance of its activities.

The BNS uses members’ details in the following ways:

➢ To process your membership payment each year; ➢ To process your ‘Gift Aid’ payment every year (if applicable); ➢ To send you the monthly newsletter (Bristol Naturalist News) listing BNS activities

and events; ➢ To send you the Proceedings of the Bristol Naturalists’ Society, now known as

Nature in Avon and the Avon Bird Report, produced annually; ➢ To notify you of changing circumstances, e.g., the cancellation of events; ➢ To update your information.

Third Parties The personal data listed is securely held on the BNS database. However, the Society uses third party providers to deliver part of the services it offers to its members. These are:

  • Mail Chimp – used to deliver some reminders to members by e-mail.
  • Lloyds Bank – to process membership fees and some other payments.

The Avon Ornithological Group (comprising representatives of the Bristol Naturalists’ Society and Bristol Ornithological Club) – at the time of the distribution of the jointly produced Avon Bird Report.

Changes to Your Information The BNS will retain the information given until such time as a member requests an amendment, e.g., a change of address or, changes to Gift Aid eligibility, or the member resigns from the Society.

If you would like to either:

➢ See the information that the Society holds relating to you or, ➢ You would like to change the details we hold relating to you, please

o Contact the Membership Secretary via, o Or, Contact the Secretary via,

The BNS Data Protection Policy will be available on request.

Information relating to the GDPR is emerging daily and therefore the Privacy Policy may be subject to change. The BNS will inform you should this be the case.