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New Year Plant Hunt



Helena Crouch




2nd January 2023
11:00 am -

Leader: Helena Crouch
The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland’s annual new year plant hunt is an informal competition to find as many species as possible in flower. Coastal areas are often favoured as the milder, frost-free conditions allow the opportunities for late (continued) and early flowerings. But, of course, these days everywhere is becoming increasingly mild in the winter – hence the data gathered on these sorties builds up a picture of climate change and how our flora is developing in response. No need to book. A fun urban walk looking for flowers! There are always some surprises.
Meet at the Birnbeck Road car park (entrance at ST30866226). Parking is about £1.50 for 4 hours, £3 for more in the winter. There is street parking for free nearby too.

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